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Red Dagger Performance

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Learn the bloodthirsty origins of the City of London's Coat of Arms at the MML.


C Walsh will perform Heathcote Williams' epic poem 'The Red Dagger,' which details the Peasants' Revolt and the depredations of the City over the last 700 years.


Friday, 1 July at 7pm. £5. 



The MML is a striking Grade II listed eighteenth century building situated on Clerkenwell Green. Highlights include our Main Hall, a large meeting room adorned with banners of the British Battalion of volunteers in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. The ‘Lenin Room’ is an atmospheric office where Lenin worked in exile in London in 1902/3. A 1934 floor to ceiling fresco by Jack Hastings depicting Marx, Engels, William Morris is the focal point of our Library’s reading room. The walls of our staircases and corridors display artefacts from major industrial disputes, such as the minerworkers’ and Wapping strikes of the 1980s. The historic vaults, which date back to the fifteenth century, can be visited, stacked high with our unique collections of books and periodicals. A memorial courtyard dedicated to media workers killed in the 20th century war against fascism, from Spain in 1936 to victory in Europe in 1945 is tucked away at the back of the building.  


Get in touch to attange a site visit and for info on fees and conditions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

White painted plaster bust of Rosa Luxemburg, designed by artist Sodabeh Gashtasebi. £22.50 + £5 postage.

White painted plaster bust of Karl Marx, designed by artist Sodabeh Gashtasebi. £22.50 + £5 postage.

The 2016 issue of the journal of the Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School is available now. Every issue is packed with comment, reviews, analysis, debate and articles about the theory of Marxism and the history of the British working class and labour movement. 


EDITORIAL: Marj Mayo outlines the journal's role in analysing present class struggles, including the political transformation that has been taking place within the Labour Party. The current edition features international perspectives on working class movements, as well as a focus on education and on the work of the library itself.

Commentry & Analysis

Jeremy Corbyn: Reflection on his first 100 days as Labour leader - A review of the struggles of pursuing a different kind of politics in the face of media adversary and internal opposition.

Keith Ewing: The European Union and collective bargaining - An analysis of the implications of the TTIP agreement for the EU and the USA, with a relevant historical comparison.

Jonathan White: ‘Marx's Civil War in France’ - A piece on how The Paris Commune truly inspired Marx's ideological theories to grow and further shape the revolutions of the future.

Prakash Karat: ‘The Modi Phenomenon in Indian Politics’ - A review of the challenges faced by the Indian left to challenge the neoliberal agenda of the Modi government.

Pauline Conroy: ‘Women in the Revolutionary Decades: Ireland at the turn of the 20th century’ - A look into the forgotten history of women's involvement in the 1916 Easter Rising and the importance of women to wider social and political movements of the early twentieth century.

This slide show exhibition was compiled for our May Day open day to mark 90 years since the General Strike of 1926. It draws on our collection of contemporary newspapers and photographs.

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